Acknowledgements From David Johnson, Founder

As the founder of our Association, I would like to thank several folks whose efforts have been invaluable.

First, I would like to thank Ashley Johnson for her hard work as Chief Operations and Chief Financial Officer of our Association.  Her efforts in helping to establish this program have been beyond priceless.

Second, thank you Karri Fields, a former staff attorney at the Texas Department of Insurance Enforcement Division and our General Council.  It was Kerry’s expertise and extensive background in insurance law that guided us through the maze of statutory requirements to ensure that our program fully adhered to all State and Federal regulations.    

Most of all, I want to thank the many members of our association who have taken our mission and made it their own. 

Alpha Insurance Trade Association

Home Page


Who We Are
Alpha Insurance Trade Association is an association of independent insurance service providers comprised entirely of independent businesses.  We provide training, support, and networking opportunities for our members  in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.
What We Provide
Our trade association is comprised of contractors, public adjusters, and estimators, all of whom have been extensively trained in insurance claims.  Members will walk you through your insurance claim from filing with your insurance provider to taking care of all the repairs.  Additionally, public adjusters within the association donate their time for customers within the association, allowing you free professional representation.

Information Videos
To the left is a video detailing important insurance claim information. If you are considering filing an insurance claim, we suggest you watch the videos to the left for information on contractors, public adjusters, and your rights when filing a claim.  

Public Adjusters
Although we are not a public adjuster association, many members of Alpha do have an active an public adjuster license.  Public Adjusters are state-licensed professionals and experts in insurance claims.  Other than a lawyer, a Public Adjuster is the only person legally permitted to represent the interest of an insured in a claim.  They will assess the claim and negotiate with the insurance carrier on behalf of the insured to determine the best and fairest claim settlement.

Public Adjusters usually charge a percentage of the settlement for their services.  However, all Public Adjusters within our association donate their time to customers of other members of Alpha.  We promote integrity and honesty in all our dealings, and volunteering their time removes the temptation to artificially inflate a claim for personal gain.

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